Emotional Connection Now
Group Program

Emotional Connection Now is an online 8-week group coaching program that transforms your emotional bond with your partner from the ground up. This deep emotional healing provides lasting results and empowers you to take charge of your relationship by tackling the negative patterns of your relationship that prevent closeness. When you master your negative cycle, you create the safety, empathy and understanding necessary that allows a positive cycle to emerge between you and your partner, relieving you BOTH of the stressful burdens of chronic disconnection once and for all.


This program is perfect for you’re ready for deep, lasting change by committing to yourself and your relationship to take the actions necessary to get the results that you want. If you’re open to learning powerful new ways of understanding yourself and your partner—the feelings and behaviors that impact your bond—then, this program is exactly what you need. We support you every step of the way assuring you get the change you desire.


If you’re looking for a quick-fix or Band-Aid solution where you do not have to look beneath the surface of your experience (e.g. defenses), this is NOT the right program for you. Powerfully positive change stems from the growth of challenging experiences!


To see if we might be a good fit, to get clarity on what exactly is not working in your relationship right now, and to discuss what your dream relationship would look like, and how I can support you in creating that relationship, please schedule a complimentary 45-minute Breakthrough session by clicking here.


You will get a lot of value from this call, and if I feel I can’t help you with what you need, I will give you recommendations that may be a better fit for your situation. I look forward to speaking with you!